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Pacific Women's Herbal Conference

Registration is currently open for the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference.

Come join me and my herbal mentors as we celebrate the Wise Woman Tradition and herbal magic! Susan Weed will be the keynote speaker, EagleSong E. Gardner will be bringing the heart and hearth of Hawthorne and Julia will be showcasing the wonderful herbal infused products of Julia's Good Medicine. I am honored to be teaching with the women who's shoulders I stand upon. 

I will be offering two herb walks:

A Medicinal Sense of Place

Why is that plant growing there? What is this plant telling me? When do I harvest and where? How do I know its medicine? Join in as we explore these questions and learn about place-based medicine. This is a hands-on experience for those interested in practical identification, sustainable harvest, and traditional uses of common regional herbs.  We will see, touch, smell, and taste a variety of our herbal allies!

Walking on the Rooted Path

Autumn is here and the harvest season is in full fruition. Immerse yourself in the abundance and diversity of those growing around us. Delve into deep connections with our herbal allies. Join us as we begin the inward journey towards root medicine. 


Celebrate Fall Equinox by Honoring Women, Herbal Wisdom, and Earth Connection!

Earlier Event: June 17
Saskatoon Circle