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Pacific Women's Herbal Conference

It’s the 5th Annual Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference in celebration of “Herbal Roots, Ancestral Wisdom”. Come join us as we sing, prance, learn and connect as wild women in the woods. This is an inter-generational gathering; where we honor females of all ages as they journey with plant medicine.

Rachael will be teaching two workshops:

Walking with Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral skills, ancient traditions and wisdom comes from deep within; just listen. On this walk of the Gatherer’s path, we will explore the ageless relationship between people and plants. This is a hands-on experience for those interested in the Honorable Harvest, traditional uses of common herbs, and ancient practices that nourish us today. We will explore edible, medicinal and utilitarian uses of our green allies. Listen, Listen.

Traditions of Herbal Vinegar

Let us talk about vinegar. Let us infuse vinegar with herbs. Let us use vinegar to heal. Vinegar in the morning, vinegar in the kitchen, vinegar to cleanse our skin, vinegar for digestive gusto, vinegar for our hair, vinegar everywhere! Vinegar is a traditional menstruum with many healing powers. Acquaint yourself with the abundance and diversity of medicinal and culinary herbal vinegars. 

Earlier Event: August 17