Cannonball Island

The start of this website's blogging begins with a journey to Cannonball Island. This island is where the Makah people would (and still do) have their vision quests. Out of respect for the first nations people, we did not climb the island where one stays during their quest. Instead, we watched a group of deer move from the forest and find their footing around the "almost" perfectly round cannonball rocks and venture out to the island. 



It's at the Ozette site where a mudslide engulfed part of a Makah village. It's at this site where some of the most well-preserved ethnobotanical artifacts were found in the U.S. And it is at this site where one can talk to the large Sitka Spruce and Cedar elders, while emerging onto the land's edge in the Northwestern corner of this country. And it is where many beginnings have begun and ended, it's a place that inspires me as an ethnobotanist and naturalist.