PB, J and Yo Toast

This recipe makes for a simple, yet tasteful breakfast. It's best with a cup of coffee or black tea. My friend, Katia, introduced this combination to me and it's common that I'll find mutual friends sharing this breakfast idea. 

Explore different breads for your toast. I just so happen to have had some of my favorite sesame seed banana bread in the kitchen one morning and I wanted more protein and probiotics to go with. Nothing like banana, jelly, nut-butter with a dollop of home-made yogurt!


Nut-butter, Yogurt & Jam Toast

1 slice (or 2 thinly sliced) of whole-grain bread, toasted

1 TBSP Nut-butter of choice, smeared on top of toasted bread 

1/2 TBSP Jam of choice, smeared on top of nut-butter

1 Dollop of Whole-milk Yogurt (Greek yogurt is a lovely touch)

Simple and Sweet, Enjoy!