Viola glabella

Viola glabella

Common Names: Blue Vervain, Wood Violet, Creek Violet, Hearts Ease

Botanical Name: Viola officinalis, V.glabella, V. spp

Plant Family: Violaceae, Violet Family

Parts Used: Aerial parts

Actions: Cooling, Alterative, Demulcent, Anti-inflammatory, Lymphagogue

Habitat: Moist soils in full or partial shade. Commonly found in Washington on the edges of logging roads; clear, sunny, high elevations (around 1900ft.) It can be found throughout North America.

Collection: I collect this plant when it is in flower. That can be from April to June (depending on where you are at in the PNW).





Violet Medicine


Violet helps ease pain. It aids any inflamed ligaments, tendons, sprains or strains. This can help both internally and externally. The whole plant contains sacilic acid (like our good friend willow), which ultimately acts as an analgesic to help reduce pain. Violet also kills free radicals and repairs our cells.


Lymph Flow

Violet flower helps dissolve cysts, lumps in the breast, and swollen glands. An oil made of fresh violets helps dissolve lumps or the breast and can prevent them as well. The oil or a fresh poultice can help move swollen glands and tissue. This can help arthritic, abscesses, skin irritations, sores, swollen lymph glands, sore throats, cysts and breast health.



Fresh violet has many beneficial flavonoids. The flavonoids (vitamins and minerals) help strengthen our cell membranes and provides our body with high amounts of Vitamin C and A.

Violets also contain saponins (alkaloid that mixes with fat). The saponins help our body dissolve fat, which ultimately helps lower cholesterol and strengthen our immune system.

Yes, yes violet is a cooling, mucilaginous herb. It also is a lymphagogue which helps move mucus and relieve congestion. It’s no wonder why violet is an excellent herb for an irritated, sore throat, dry cough or even an ear infection. A syrup made with the flowers can help for these symptoms.


Heart Support

The heart shaped leaves of this plant speak to the heart. Violet can be made into a flower essence to help repair a broken heart. Taken internally (fresh in a salad, infused in a vinegar, tea or tincture), this herb can help repair broken tissue and sloughs off emotional toxins that build up around your heart. Violet can soothe you and help one with grief.