Herbal Salt

Nettle Sea Salt?!

The dried leaves of nettle are high in chlorophyll and so many useful minerals. And it’s also an incredibly rich protein.  Some might say it’s comparable to Spirulina and chlorella algae that of which Michael Moore describes as “dried pond scum that is excellent food for pollywogs, but also high in nucleoproteins (DNA, RNA) that can cause nitrogen overload, purine buildup, and uric acid excess.” So why take an algae powder when you can grind dried nettle leaves into a powder that you KNOW isn’t pond scum?!



Try this nettle salt recipe that I learned from Suzanne at Cedar Mountain Herb School:

Herbal Salt

1 part Fresh Plant (in this case, Nettle)

2 parts Salt (preferably Himalayan pink or Dead Sea Salt)


Grind fresh plant and salt for about 2 minutes.

Pour ground up mixture onto a paper towel on a paper plate.

Let sit in a warm location for at least 2-3 hours (or until completely dry).

You can also dry the plant separately, crush or powder the plant and then add to salt.

Use salt in and on everything!

And this can be done with other green herbaceous herbs.