Nettle Coconut Oil


You can either use Coconut Oil or Butter. Either way, while it's in its liquid state, pour it on some popcorn and try it before adding anything else, like say, SALT. I have let my coconut oil and butter solidify so I can use it as a base when sautéing any food.

The coconut oil can also be poured into salve containers and refrigerated immediately. This allows the oil to solidify evenly. Now all of you non-beeswax users have a quick and easy salve.

Like the nettle sea salt, this recipe can be used for all sorts of herbaceous herbal plants :)  

Nettle Coconut Oil:

2 cups Coconut Oil

1 cup Fresh Nettle

Heat on LOW in crock pot (without a lid on) for approximately 3 hours

Strain. EAT HERBAL MATERIAL (spread on crackers or bread) and enjoy coconut oil in liquid or solid form.

Nettle Butter:

3 sticks Butter

4 cups Fresh Nettle

**Follow same directions as Coconut Oil.


This infusion allows for some absorption of the medicinal and nutritional components of nettle.